Giving Your House A Summertime Cleanse

Summer is in full flow but the lingering essence of spring still lives on. This is especially true for your home, as it’s about this time of year where we keep our windows and doors open. We hope there will be a cool breeze that shoots through the house, bringing a controlled chill to us so we don’t sweat all day long. This makes the home very open, wide and larger than normal. With all the entrances and exits open, it’s a perfect time to get some late summer cleaning done. It’s never really too late to spring clean, because the summer days are long, hot and the sun doesn’t disappear until midnight on some nights. So if you want to use this time and opportunity to get some cleaning done, you’re going to need to get your home ready. You want to be able to clean the home in one fell swoop. 

Black bin bags?

The perfect time to mow and water the lawn is always in the summer. A nice flat but healthy green lawn is a true sign that a home is well looked after and cared for during the summer. However, when you mow the lawn, especially in this season, expect it to be heavy and rich. It’s going to weigh a lot and perhaps the trusty black bin bag isn’t going to be so trusty this time. In fact, the grass cuttings in a black bin bags are harder to move around and also harder to access for mulch or manure making. So, get yourself large garden waste bags made from synthetic fibers instead. These are open top, with strong handles and a cube shape. They allow you to access whatever is inside but make it easier to move all types of waste around. 

Going all the way

Maybe you don’t just want to clean the home this time. Summer is a great time to really shift the house around and make some turning point changes. This could be things like removing old or damaged furniture and replacing it with brand new furniture instead. For this to occur you need a place in which you can put all your hard rubbish. Look at your options for a Budget Bin Hire which offers a large space in which you can throw just about anything and then have it removed safely. You can’t leave your rubbish in your garden nor on the pavement outside your house. Therefore any large removals you’re planning on doing, you definitely need some kind of large skip or bin.

A wider clean

During this time of year, lots of dry dirt, grit and small stone chips are moving around on the pavement outside your house. The wind and the summer heat make your concrete steps dirty and dusty. Instead of an indoor brush for your kitchen floor, you need to use a wide garden brush with strong bristles. 

It’s never too late to get in that spring clean, albeit in summer. In fact it might be a better time because the days are long and the longer daylight hours allow you to get larger tasks done as well. 


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