Home Hobbies For Your Kids To Try (That Doesn’t Involve TV!)


Do you feel, as a parent, that your children aren’t getting the most out of their lives? They may possibly spend more time in front of the television than anything else, and this can be a difficult thing to see all of the time. And while you may use the television as a great way to placate them, when it comes to developing some worthy habits in life, we need to instill some self-sufficient hobbies. There are so many different things they can do at home, especially when they’re unwell, that we can take part in as a bonding exercise, rather than just all of us sat in front of the TV. Not that there’s anything wrong with television, but if you’re looking to give them a few extra hobbies to keep themselves occupied when you’re busy, what options are there?

Crafts And Paint

There’s something wonderful about getting our hands dirty and making colorful paintings. But in addition to this, we can start to make a few more extras. Making canvas prints could be something for older children, especially those that don’t want to get their hands dirty! There’s a handy guide on vinylcuttingmachineguide.com to get you going in terms of vinyl. Crafts and painting, as well as tie-dye, knitting, and all of those old school hobbies seem to be dying a death because of television. Shall we get our children involved in these, and make them exercise their creativity? Yes, let’s!

Stamp Collecting

This always sounds like the epitome of boredom for many. But it’s something to get your children into when they are young. Not only is it a great way to encourage collecting and amassing a collection as a useful hobby, if your children get bored of this years down the line, you could sell the collection off for a tidy profit! Stamp collecting is quite a fine art, and on stanleygibbons.com there’s a beginner’s guide to stamp collecting so it can be something for life. Stamp collecting is one of those things that can seem a little bit boring, but it’s a very absorbing hobby, just as long as you get your children involved in it early on. And the great thing about this is that it’s something you can help them with. You can get into the nitty-gritty details of stamp collecting, such as by collecting stamps along a particular theme, as well as learning about the particulars of each stamp, like watermarking. And from there, it’s something that you can do as parent and child.


As fruits and vegetables seem so expensive these days, and a lot of children are a bit afraid to get their hands dirty, gardening can be a great tool early on in life. You can help your child plant their first flower, and watch it grow. From there, you can make a concerted effort to growing vegetables. Potatoes and other root vegetables are easy to grow, and seeing it grow from a seed all the way to something that is put on the dinner table is a very interesting thing. It can help you communicate nature and life cycles to children at a young age, and that they have an active part in seeing this come to fruition. And gardening is a very relaxing hobby. Children appear to have more anxiety than we did when we were kids, and this can be a very useful way to bypass a lot of modern problems.


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