Healthy Aladdin Parfaits

Who else is excited for the release of the Aladdin Movie!!

I love the fact Disney has been doing the live action movies of some amazing Disney Classics, but lets be real it can get a little scary. I say this more because they truly need to maintain the magic of the original movie. Now I know Disney has not failed us as of yet so I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed here.

I’m also a little nervous to see how Will Smith will be as Genie and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one. Robin Williams pretty much made the character “The Genie” so Will smith is going to have to deliver!

Nonetheless I’m so ready for a fun filled weekend of Aladdin magic! Who else is ready with their movie ticket in hand?!?!

And yes guys I’m that mom that will dress up their kids and make cute snacks/meals inspired by the movie. Well mostly my daughter now because my son grew out of it…. (Sucks!)

My family and I absolutely love sweets so I always try to find a healthier version. Now my kids loves parfaits and that’s pretty healthy but I always try to balance their dairy intake. So instead of using regular yogurt I used Coconut yogurt for this parfait but you can definitely use regular yogurt for this recipe.


  • Honey – The honey I’m using is an organic honey I found at Costco
  • Granola – You can use any brand but I specifically love using Kashi
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Coconut yogurt – as mentioned you can also use regular yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Unfrozen blueberries

As for the glass I found it at Dollarama, I’m any dollar store may have it available in their stores.


First thing I do is pour the regular coconut yogurt first in the glass then right on top I lay the granola. Then I put 1 tsp of the honey right on top of the granola topping.

Now to get the blueberry yogurt on top, I pour a little bit of the coconut yogurt in the food processor with the frozen blueberries. I don’t measure this only because it all depends how much of the blueberry flavour you would like, It all depends of preferences.

Not sure why it’s showing as pink in the picture but it would definitely look purple lol. Once that is a creamy consistency you then put it on top of the honey and granola then you just top it off with some delicious fresh blueberries and strawberries.

And that my friends is what you call a “Healthier” version of a Aladdin Parfait.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Make sure to tell me in the comment what you liked or disliked about the live action Aladdin movie!


I teamed up with some amazing and talented bloggers that are also sharing some creative recipes and all inspired by the new Aladdin movie. There are over 12 recipes that you will be able to re-create for this weekend or even for an Aladdin themed party!

Enjoy the recipes!

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  1. The looks like a great healthy dessert that the kids would still love. I never thought about using coconut yogurt.

  2. Your Aladdin parfait looks divine! Love that it’s healthy too. You just reminded me to grab tickets for my Aladdin-obsesses daughter to watch it! I’m so excited to see it. Great movie inspired snacks too!

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