3 Reasons to Visit Beautiful Texas

When thinking of the great United States of America, few states bring with it that All-American and recognizable flavor as Texas does. Texas is the largest state in America, but the quality of the state is thankfully not spread thin over that wide land mass. It is absolutely teeming with beautiful people, a beautiful way of life, and perhaps is one of the most exciting and culturally relevant states in the United States today. If you’re visiting the States for the first time or the hundredth time, Texas is always an incredible place to visit.

But this is what is likely said about every single State in America. True, they all have their absolutely wonderful pointers, but this article will try to convince you that you haven’t truly experienced all that the US has to offer if you miss this absolutely wondrous place from your list. With the following advice, you might decide to book the tickets now:

Beautiful Attractions

There are many incredible attractions in Texas, to name them all would be to write an article too long for comfortable reading. The Big Bend National Park, the San Antonia Riverwalk, but also the incredible Waco Mammoth National Monument, bringing incredible ancient fossils to liife. The Dr Pepper museum also resides here, showcasing some of the most important history around the culturally famous drink. Not only this, but these excellent attractions aren’t too far away from a memorizing place to stay in Waco, Texas. Heading to the culturally relevant considerations and seeing how history can unfold in this manner can be wonderful, not only making your trip to Texas one of delight, but one of education.

Comedy Clubs

Texas has some of the best comedy clubs in the country. Of course, when people think of American comedy clubs they likely think of the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, or the Comedy Cellar in New York. But those are hardly the only options. Backdoor Comedy in Texas has been noted for its wide range of impressive acts, and the Capitol City comedy club in Austin has been listed as one of the favourites of Joe Rogan and his Deathsquad crew, which includes such of the largest comedic names working today.


Food is important to consider when heading to any place. Of course, the southern breakfast here is absolutely essential, and is the authentic place to try it out. Texas also sports a love for anything barbecued, so amazing smoke shacks and barbecue houses line many towns here. The idea that everything is supersized in Texas, while true in places like McDonalds, doesn’t always hold fast and correct for most places. Texas brings a range of amazing worldwide cuisine to the fold also, so it’s absolutely certain that some of the best restaurants in the world can be found here.

With these tips, you are sure to enjoy the best of Texas, but more than that, get the taste for more. Before long, it’s sure to become your favorite State.


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