Weird But True! Canada Book Review

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I’m sure you have heard of National Geographic if it’s either from their video’s or pictures from all over the world, But I had no idea they had National Geographic just for the kids!

They came out with these books called “Weird but true!” and let me tell you they have some info I never knew about either.

We’ve been reading all 4 books for the past month and both of my kids have been enjoying them. I love seeing my 10 year old just picking up the book and reading them without me telling him to read a book. My son is the type of kid that does not like sitting and just reading. So it makes me feel like a proud mama when I see him reading on his own and learning new facts from the “Weird but True!” books.

Info About “Weird But True!” Books:

  • There are now more than 25 books in the “Weird But True!” product line.
  • These books are a great way to encourage curiosity and engage kids.
  • A portion of all the books purchased help support National Geographic’s exploration, conservation, research, and education projects.
  • These books aim to the ages 5 years old and up.
  • The books are a great way to get the kids off the iPads or screens, they are very informative and entertaining that kids won’t even know they’re learning.
  • It’s their 10th Anniversary! what they have done is updated their first 10 original series with bling covers and 50 more facts to appeal the new generation of young readers.
  • Weird But True!” line has been the most popular department in the National Geographic Kids Magazine since its inception.

Also may I add I’ve been learning a lot new facts that I never knew about with my kids!

My son will come up to me and say “MOM! did you know ….” and I myself a grown almost 30 year old woman will be shocked at a new fact that I never knew about…..😂

Weird But True! Canada

Obviously since we are Canadian we gravitated start to this book specifically. This is the first country specific “Weird But True!” Book, which makes it even more exciting to have. What we love about this book is that it celebrates Canada with wonderful and wacky facts not a lot of people may know. This specific book retails for $7.99 in the US and $10.99 in Canada.

Where to Purchase? You can purchase this book at Indigo, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

Fun Facts from the “Weird But True”! Canada book:

  • The world’s first UFO landing pad is in Alberta!!!
  • Basketball was invented in Massachusetts, U.S.A., by a man from Ont, Canada.
  • The largest indoor lake and roller coaster is at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta.
  • You can surf indoors in Quebec at a restaurant.
  • A company in Toronto, Ont created a hat that comes with a beard attached to eep your face warm. 😂
West Edmonton Mall in Alberta.

Contest running now!!

National Geographic Kids is running a contest to win your own book. Kids ages 6-14 are also invited to join the contest.

All you have to do is submit your own verifiably weird facts about your own hometown, province or country.

This contest is until January 31st, 2019.



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