It seems like everyone has been fighting a cold/flu, especially the kids. The worse thing about dealing with it is watching your munchkins deal with it. What doesn’t help when dealing with a cold/flu is the cold weather, especially the cold weather here in Canada.

These are my personal top 5 remedies I use on my children when dealing with a cold/flu:

Lemon and Honey shot

This specific remedy is good for when they have a sore throat or congestion. My kids love this little shot I make for them, sometimes when they start feeling sick they ask themselves.


How can you ever go wrong with VapoRub, Right?! I’m sorry guys but VapoRub has never failed me. It helps for congestion and fever, yes fever! Usually my daughter is not much of a fan of the smell and it’s normal since it has a strong smell. Once I start seeing any cold/flu symptoms I rub Vaporub underneath their feet before they go to bed. I find every time my kids have a fever and I rub VapoRub underneath their feet it usually either calms down the fever or it breaks the fever. Never hurts to try right?


The beginning of last year 2018 we spent our New Years in the hospital because my daughter ended up getting pneumonia. Let me tell you this was no fun at all! Seeing my daughter like that and not being able to do anything was so heartbreaking. Thank God after a week and a half we were out and ever since then as soon as I see any cold/flu symptoms I try to nip it in the butt asap. So when I discovered Sambucol in Shoppers Drug Mart and tried it out, it worked like magic on my daughter. It stayed as my go to specifically for her due to her being under 6 years old there’s not much I can really give her for any cld/flu symptoms. Definitely recommend this product to all the moms and dads out there.

Lemonade with Honey 

Yes! Lemonade but it has to be room temperature Lemonade. This helps with coughing and congestion. Its preferably that they drink it hot like a tea but most kids won’t drink it hot. We all know Vitamin C is very good especially when trying to prevent any cold symptoms.

Sleeping upwards

Theres nothing worse than having a stuffy nose and also dealing with all those yucky cold/flu symptoms. No matter what we do were still going to have a long night, but it never hurts to try, right? What I usually do is put two pillows behind their back and head to have them lay sitting upwards. Most of the time this helps them with the reliving them of the stuffy nose.

There’s so much more remedies you can do but these are my personal top 5 that works for my kids.


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