Did you know that that there are more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia? Of all of those, Bali still stands right out there as the bright star in terms of tourism. There are tons of pristine, tropical destinations for people to visit all over the world, but millions of people travel to Bali and they make a point of it. Bali is renowned for its beaches, but it’s not the only thing that Bali has to offer people who come to visit.

If you were to visit the islands in Indonesia, we’re pretty confident you’ll immediate want to settle in. So many people head there as tourists and they’re so touched by the destination and the scenery that they want to make Indonesia their life plan, which is why sites like https://www.rumah.com/panduan-dan-referensi/mengurus-sertifikat-tanah exist. It’s so that those tourists who realise their heart lies in Bali’s calm and soothing winds can have a second place to call home. With all of that in mind, here are 10 very valid reasons you should make Bali your next stop – just be prepared to start planning a mortgage while you’re there!

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  1. Idyllic Beaches

It’s literally the biggest reason that most people visit Bali. the endless, white-sugar beaches with their calm blue seas. Some have limestone cliffs bordering them and others have extreme water sports and diving opportunities for visitors. Popular beaches and remote ones, there are beaches for all.

  1. Cultural Scene

Way beyond the surface, Bali has a beauty that is transcendent. It’s home to traditions that are still practiced, with celebrations and ceremonies held the year through. The Omed-Omedan Kissing Festival is still just as popular as ever and with the plethora of music and dance, tourists will fall in love.

  1. Religious Scene

Bali is a spiritual place – predominantly Hindu – and the houses are all furnished with small temples in which they can pray daily. The tours are popular with the tourists – you included – and you don’t go to Bali without visiting temples.

  1. Adventure Overload

Oh, to dream about adventure. With surfing, diving, natural waterslides like the one that you find in the Aling-Aling Waterfall, what you want, Bali has. You’re in nature and you’re in the warmth and glow of the sunshine while you harness adventure.

  1. Natural Beauty of Every Kind

The beaches and the temples may take your breath away, but Bali has so much more. Lush greenery, gorgeous waterfalls, scenic lakes and flower gardens intertwine with sacred rivers, rice fields and hidden canyons to make up the island and its landscape.

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  1. Accommodation To Awe

Okay, so you may not buy a house here straight away, but you get to choose from rented accommodation, Airbnb self-contained units and even luxurious hotels – Bali has more than one choice for more than one budget. The hotels that are available all have swimming and infinity pools for you to enjoy, too.

  1. The Food

A country that has such rich and fertile soil is one that is going to create a distinctive cuisine. There are many international chefs that can and do enjoy cooking up everything from cultivated street foods to fine dining. Here, you’ll find no shortage of restaurants to suit all tastes.

  1. The Art

One thing that the Balinese do well, is create art. Galleries, natural art products, murals – wherever you go in Bali, you will see beautiful artworks created by the locals. You’ll find dancers, traditional instrument players and more on the streets here.

  1. Shopping Opportunities Galore

You can choose from a huge spectrum of items when you want to shop in Bali, with traditional souvenirs mixed in with high-end clothing by top designers. The shopping scene is huge and it’s always worth bringing an extra suitcase – just in case!

  1. The People

Lastly, the biggest reason to visit Bali is the very people. The Balinese are some of the friendliest in the world, with the locals always interested in engaging with tourists and making them feel like home. It’s something you don’t often find in other places and it’s definitely something that everyone should embrace.

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Bali is the type of place that once you step foot there once, you’ll be booking to come again and again. You just cannot replicate the beauty anywhere else, and Bali can offer you so much more than other places.

Book your adventure now, and you’ll not have to spend one more second wondering if it’s the right thing to do.


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