The time you spend in other countries is a time you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Our holidays are some of the most formative times in our lives. They’re certainly the things which stand out the most when we look back on our years. That’s why it can be so rewarding to make friends during these experiences.

Making friends while you’re away is beneficial at the best of times, especially if you’re traveling with children. The chance to meet with other couples could see your kids happy for the whole holiday long. Making friends at times like these can lead to lifelong relationships. These are the people who will be by your side during this formative time, after all. You can bet that will cement you together forever.

That settled, we’re left with the question of how you foster friendships in situations like these? If you’ve never approached others while travelling, it can be tricky to know where to start. Luckily, we have a few pointers which should make it a lot easier to break the ice.

Book group tours

The best way to guarantee holiday friendships is to book tours with a company like Wheel & Anchor. Options like these ensure you spend time with people who have the same interests. You all signed up for the same tour, after all! This also has the benefit of ensuring you’re together for at least a day. That makes it likely that you’ll strike up decent conversations at some stage. And, once you start chatting, you may find the travel buddies you’ve been looking for. Before you next go away, then, consider tours and excursions which see you in with plenty of other people.

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Spend less time lounging

You’re never going to meet new people if you spend your time on a sun lounger. While the chance to enjoy the sun is a benefit of getting away, then, you should avoid doing this every day. Try to alternate your days between heading out and about, and taking some sun time for yourself. Something as simple as getting out for lunch could see you next to a couple who you hit it off with. Even going to your hotel bar at regular intervals could see you meeting people you wouldn’t otherwise.

Learn the language

Both the above refer to making friends with people from your home country. While that’s all well and good, some of the most beneficial holiday friendships involve locals of the country you’re visiting. Making friends like these opens you to experience your location in the most authentic ways. All you need to do to form friendships like these is learn the language. You don’t even need to become fluent. All you need are enough words to hold down a relatively decent conversation. Then, you’ll find that you pick the rest up as you go. Before you know, you could have friends all over the world who give you a reason to return to your favourite destinations!


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