2 Best Websites to help you makeover your bedroom

Recently i’v been getting really bored and annoyed how my bedroom looks.

So I decided to start searching up some great ideas to revamp my bedroom and I bumped into some great websites. They all gave some amazing ideas and I can not wait to start redoing my bedroom.


This blog post was great because it gave me some amazing advice in how to design with a small room. My bedroom in no master bedroom, so the fact that they were able to give me some great advice was awesome.

Great Idea Hub

Let’s just start by saying their designers are amazing. These pictures of the bedrooms are everything!

They have a great blog about how to choose the right headboard for your bed, which of course I need a lot of help with.

They also provide with how to choose the best sitting for your bedroom. My dream bedroom would definitely have a sitting in it just for me to lounge.

Now that  I have some great pointers from these two website, I can not wait to get started.

Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck with revamping your bedroom! I easily get bored and annoyed with how my bedrooms look, so this is a good resource for my next redecorating!

  2. Those are both good websites to look for bedroom makeover ideas. I am soon to be moving and get the fun experience of a whole home make over! I will definitely use these sites in the future thanks for sharing.

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