How To Plan with a Peanut and Tree-nut Allergy

2018 has been a journey and the journey just keeps getting more interesting!
With that being said my daughter Veronica might be allergic to peanuts, not sure how to feel about this. She’s the type of toddler that eats EVERYTHING so knowing she might be limited to types of foods because of the peanut is making me feel a little jumpy.
So the first thing I did was run to my brother and sister in law and ask them how they manage having to be peanut and tree nut free due to my Goddaughter.
I figured I can not be the only mother that is new to the peanut allergy community that is completely lost and need tips in how to manage and plan ahead to prevent any peanut allergy reaction.
So here are Tips How to plan with a peanut and tree nut allergy:
  • Read Ingredients: This can be quite annoying, I get it! but if this is the first time trying a product I would suggest being even more cautious. I bumped into a list of hidden peanut names that you may find in the labels, Peanut allergy avoidance list.
  • Snack!: When traveling or planning a road trip with someone that has a peanut and tree nut allergy it’s a must you bring snacks, especially if that someone is a child. Due to all the schools being peanut and tree nut free it’s so much more easier to find snacks in grocery stores to have in hand at all times. Don’t worry there is also “grown up” snacks for us adults that have this allergy. Let’s face it not all restaurants are peanut and tree nut free or even accommodate. 
  • Call before hand: You may feel limited to places you want to go eat at, but the best thing to do is call before hand. It’s always best to make sure first if the restaurant or bakery are peanut and tree nut free or can accommodate. You definitely not want to waste gas in going there and end up starving. 
  • Talk to the Chef: Sometimes I can see this to be a little bit embarrassing but when your life or your Childs life is a risk nothing is ever a bit too much, just to make sure it is safe. But I’ve learned it’s always good to stress to the chef about your allergy so that the message goes straight to them and not passed on. You never want to be in a position when broken telephone happenes especially when it comes to your or your child severe allergy. 
  • Imagine a directory website that only provides with peanut and tree nut free restaurants and bakeries. Well that is what is exactly wha the peanut and tree nut community needed. You are able to share and post restaurant and bakeries that you know that can either accommodate or is peanut and tree nut free. Also when posting they themselves call the restaurant or bakery to make sure the information your provided is correct. So no more calling before going or even speaking to the chef. 


  • Epi-Pen & Benadryl: I know some of you would be like well DUH Melissa! but let’s be real being knew to this community, I’m not used to walking around with an Epi-Pen and Benadryl. So I suggest for those new people facing an allergy or moms just always double check your bags and always make sure have have both in hand.
I hope I was able to help anybody that is also in my position.
XO Besos!




  1. This seems very overwhelming. I'm so glad nobody in my family has allergies (as of now). Well except me, and I'm allergic to banana so it's pretty easy to avoid.

  2. yea I'm blessed I have my brother and sis in law, they've been managing to plan around peanut and tree nut allergy because of my god daughter. Id be lost with out them.

  3. I have a gluten allergy so I can empathize with you & your daughter! It's difficult to plan in regards to the allergy. I always am impressed with children who know what they need to stay away from & use their voice to vocalize their needs! Best of luck!

  4. Every time she would eat anything with peanuts she would start getting red patches on her face, than the last time she had peanuts she broke out in hives. That's when I knew her allergy is getting worse.

  5. Thanks girl! I know I admire my little god daughter, she's like that. She's 7 years old and she knows she needs to stay away from peanut and tree nuts. She doesn't eat anything without making sure its 100% okay for her to eat it.

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