If you like getting crafty and creating, than you will love creating your vision board.
Very easy and fun!

  • Cork board/Cavas/Poster Board
  • Glue/Pins
  • Scissors
  • Magazines/Book you can cut up
  • Computer and Printer incase you need to print out images or word
  • Plain/Colourful Paper
  • Markers/Paint Spray(optional)
  • Wood letters/Numbers (optional)
Before creating our vision board you need to create a list of goals. When creating the list of goals make sure you are as specific as possible.
Also find a peaceful place to create. Put calming music on and candle to set the mood.
When creating your board you can get as creative as you want. I personally created a title for my board, “Law of Attraction”. I had wooden letters and sprayed painted them in gold.
Also start cutting out your images/word or print them out for your board. Personally I also put motivational quotes and prayers.
Gather all your pictures for your board. Before pasting or pinning the images/word on the board, just place them on how you will like it.
Make sure to leave space between the images/word so that in case new goals come up during the year you will have space to paste/pin them up, also so that the board does not look crowded.
Start pasting/pinning the images/word on the board. Also decorate the board the way you like it, example: with glitter, sparkles, etc.
Hang your board somewhere you will see it when you wake up or hang it up somewhere you see it before you leave your place.


So now that your vision board is done, next step is to make some moves! Your goals will not be accomplished if you do not make moves to tackle them.

  1. Vision boards are definitely a way to set goals! It's nice to be able to see your goals laid out in a way that helps your really visualize completing and meeting (or even exceeding) those goals. Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial and the inspiration!

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