10 Tips for surviving Disney World with a Toddler

Traveling with a Toddler anywhere can get hectic especially visiting an amusement park like Disney World.
As long as you are prepared best believe your trip to Disney World will go smooth.
Also do not stress! Disney World is huge and if you think your going to be able to see everything in 7 days, think again.
Make sure to make a schedule for every day and if you get off track or off schedule, just go with the flow! At the end of the day Disney World is the “Happily place on earth“.
These are my top 10 tips for surviving Disney World with a Toddler:
1. Bring your stroller or Rent
Strollers are a life saver! Not only did my daughter benefit from the stroller who is a 2 year old but also my son. Walking around Disney World can get any body restless especially children. We personally ended up renting a double stroller for my son and daughter so they could both have room to rest if needed.
Below are the prices to rent a stroller at Disney World:

  • Single Stroller: $15 US or $13 US per day for the length of your stay.
  • Double Stoller: $31 US or $27 US per day for the length of your stay.
2. Reliable Backpack
A reliable backpack with lots of compartments is a must. I personally take the Honest City backpack everywhere, it is comfortable, reliable, and stylish.
3. Bring Snack!!
Obviously you will want to treat your children to a Disney snack but let’s be real if you don’t have a meal plan, they can be a little expensive. You can find Disney snacks all over the grocery stores and if you are flying to Orlando you can bring the snacks in your luggage or carry on, so you can bring them to the park.
4. Wipes
Potty trained or not you will need wipes. Toddlers in general get messy and you best believe they will at Disney. There are so many yummy messy treats at Disney!
5. Buy Glow Sticks at the Dollar Store
Disney is definitely magical at night and when they start selling those glow wands, you will for sure see your child go crazy for one. I definitely recommend going to the Dollar Store first and find any glow sticks or any Disney stuff they may have, so you can bring to Disney World.
6.  Bring own Water Bottle
DUHH! but not just any refillable water bottle. I would suggest to bring those refillable water bottles that you can also spray with. The heat in Orlando is crazy so keeping your toddler hydrated and fresh is always key.
7. Medicine?
Yes, medicine! Because Orlando is super hot everywhere you go they blast up the Air Conditioner and it can get super cold. Going in and out of the A/C can cause the little ones to catch a cold or fever because of the change of temperature. Having either Tylenol or Advil on hand can save the day just in case your toddler may need it!
8. Invest in a Mickey Balloon
Okay you may ask why would I do that? Well if you tie it on the stroller it will help you identify your stroller just in case a cast member moves it while your on a ride. Also they are a great investment, they lasted the whole 7 days I was there. I had to give the balloons to a family that was checking in because they were still in good condition.
9. Nap if possible
This can be a little tricky because obviously you want to see everything in the park but we all know what a restless toddler can be. If you can take a break and head back to your room so you can rest with your toddler.
For me this was not the case having a 9 year old there was no way he wanted to head back. I was lucky enough my daughter was able to take her naps on her stroller with her blanket.
10. Plan your meet and greet

Waiting in line can get really boring for your toddler and they may not have the patients to wait. I would suggest to get a Fast Pass specifically for the meet and greets. You can also Reserve a character    dinner that way they can meet the characters while they eat.


Hopefully these Tips can help you out on your Disney Vacation!


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  1. We were thinking of taking our crew, but I think we are going to wait until they are older and don't require nearly as much stuff! These are awesome tips though! Will definitely keep them in mind in case we end up going sooner rather than later!

  2. Great post! I recently visited with a toddler and cant stress the importance of a good stroller. The hard plastic rentals that dont recline make for grumpy toddlers!

  3. Tips for saving money and sanity at Walt Disney World can definitely be beneficial. Some of these tips can be used for people who are not toddlers, too. Now if I can only find someone to push me around in a stroller….

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