When planning a Disney World Birthday Party there’s so many elements you can hit, from attraction park, rides to characters and their movies. Personally I decided just to incorporate as much of the characters as possible as my theme.
First thing’s first, creating your invitation! Going through website’s there was so many different ideas and prices. Let’s just say they were not cheap. Lucky enough I already had a printer and invite paper, so I just created my own while looking at other people’s ideas.


Boarding pass to Disney World
I created an invitation that was like a boarding pass, to give you that feeling you where boarding to go to #DisneyWorld.
There was so much more decor I wanted to create but unfortunately I just didn’t have enough time. Plus where I did the party did not allow you to tape anything on the walls at all, which did not help and made it hard to decorate.


Disney Character Centrepiece with quotes from the movie


Due to the fact I wasn’t able to put any decor up on the walls, we know I had to just go extra on the desert table. We took different characters from #Disney movies and created some awesome treats.


Disney World desert table
Crazy thanks to my sister in law for the Cinderella Castle Birthday Cake and Grace for all the awesome treats and background pictures.Wish I took more close up pictures of all the treats.
Make sure to check out Grace’s website www.popandcakesbygrace.com.


Treats by Grace 


Miss Tinker bell came to play and tell a story time with the kids, Thank you! www.fantasyfables.com



Everyone had an awesome time, so happy I was able to bring a little #DisneyWorld to Canada.



Make sure to watch Veronica’s Disney World Birthday Party video created by the talented Ninjeye.


If you prefer to watch it on youtube just click on the youtube button on the video and it will direct you straight to the video 🙂


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